Ret hot nerfed?

Or did I just have a bad night? I can normally sit around 90-100k dps without problems, but tonight i was havin trouble stayin at 80k. Even when I got a lust and all cds at once, I normally burst up to 210k, but I wasn't even able to break 150k tonight on that tonight.
Guild raid, I assume? None of your usual buffs missing? Could have just been a string of bad luck, too few crits or something. I didn't notice any difference in the 5-man I ran earlier.
No buffs missing, it seemed like my TV wasn't hitting as hard as it usually does for sure. I ran a buddy through a regular 5 man earlier, got a lust and everything on the last boss and pulled up to 210k when the boss died, then I got in the raid and everything just went to !@#$.
Hm. What raid/fights, specifically? Do you have access to any logs for your raid tonight and for the previous week?
Eh we don't really run logs. ToES for tonight, I believe i was 3rd or 4th on elders, which we done elite, I normally end up first by a decent chunk. Tsulong they had me heal, lei shi doesn't count, she's just annoying, then sha I think I only done like 75k on.
Anyone in your group get some new stuff out of LFR this week that could skew things? Were you making as much use of Double Jeopardy as possible on Protectors?

What trinket did you have before getting Vortex? 'Cause Vortex is actually pretty bad, despite it's item level and it proccing for haste.

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