Does anyone use Soul Link?

I cannot think of a situation where it would be better than DB or SacPact, can anyone help me figure out what SL is supposed to be good for?
using it with GofSac you get an extra health buff.
I'm sitting at 518k while using soul link + GofSac
I've never specced it, I've never seen another lock spec it and I can't imagine a situation where it would be good. They should make it like cata soul link. That way you can choose between over all damage reduction or damage absorption cooldowns.
Then again, pets do seem to die really easily so maybe that would be bad, idk.
I was checking out Evrelia last night and he seemed to be enjoying it in heroic ToT.
If they made it so that the pet's portion of the damage soaking benefited from Avoidance, I could see it being more useful on aoe encounters perhaps.
Fallensaint's "[MoP] Compilation of the Black Harvest" sticky has a decent analysis of the talent here:

It's essentially an effective health increase equal to 50% of your pet's health. Whether or not that permanent health buff is better than having a shield equivalent to 100% of your pet's current health every one minute, up to a maximum of four minutes, probably depends on the encounter.
In PvP, combined with GoSac, it's quite nice.
I was checking out Evrelia last night and he seemed to be enjoying it in heroic ToT.

There are a lot of mechanics in ToT where having that extra HP is greatly beneficial.

While in MOST situations, I'd take SacPac/DB over SL, Soul Link (without GoSac) is absolutely amazing not for increasing your personal survivability, but increasing your pets. This means that ALL your self healing applies to pets, as well as double dipping on things like Soul Leech or Dark Regen. Plus, when Soul Link "shares" damage, you can mitigate that with Twilight Ward.

And while it does have the issues of double dotting in PvP, those issues are largely non-existent outside it.

Probably the most consistent usage I get out of it is for soloing. It's very possible to solo things like Warbringers, 2-3 Triceratops on the Island of Dinosaurs or even the War-God on the giant boat.

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