Hunter 511 ilvl LF Raiding Guild

Im just a Surv Hunter really looking for a solid, longish term guild to join, raid and progress with.

I'm currently on Jubei, but looking too xfer too Barth on Tuesday. So hoping to find a decent raiding guild on the Horde side.

If any guilds need me, post on here and let me know, or get hold of me on jubei

Name: Bitterarrows

Happy Easter!
Hi there, I noticed you said Horde but if you're willing to come over to Alliance instead Equinox is looking for a Hunter. We're 2/13H 10man GMT+8 raiding guild which may or may not fit your criteria with a really good raiding atmosphere.
I responded in your thread, but here will do.

I can do that, I saw your raid times, being very late, until 3am ST, that is not an issue for me.

have you armoured my toon, will it suffice for you ?

I do not want to pay too faction + realm change, if it will be a waste of my time and money.
Other wise, if you need/want me, then I am willing to make the move on Tuesday, before raid reset.
Looks okay to me, but I shall not comment on Hunter itemization at the the moment as I have not looked into them since patch, go have a chat with Nisz, Mandiss or Jackeloo in game asap so you can be over before reset if we're interested.
Hey mate, my group has just had a rpds position open up. ive got a post here if youd like more info -

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