[H] iLvl 495 Hunter LF Raiding guild

Getting sick of LFR! Not so much the items, but the incompetence of the other players. So consider this my application.

[What I want]
- a guild that will allow me a DPS spot on a 10-man Normal raiding group, 25-man or Heroic groups would be a bonus but I'm not specifically after them
- specific Hunter gear that would allow me to excel, especially the crossbow from Durumuu, the 4pc set (legs, chest, shoulders, and hands), and Gaze of Gara'jal

[What I can bring to the guild]
someone who will listen to instruction if it is given
- someone who has a working headset and Vent
- someone who knows their class and the rotation that comes with it
- someone who can join-in with a group on almost any time, and will try to make it on time (short of family emergencies and the like, which will always take priority!!)

[Other information]
- I have raided before, just not very often (DS, parts of MSV, pre-Cata content via soloing)
- Even though my raiding experience is not high, I can learn quickly
- I'm 28 and live in NSW Australia
- I have a life outside of WoW; tafe study, taekwondo, and a good group of mates

So if you raid a fair bit and can afford me a spot on your team, then I'm your man. Or woman, in the case of my character Neisya.

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