[A] 497 Hunter LF>Guild

Just Xfered here, Lots of cata raiding, havent done that much MoP raiding (I've done a little bit).
Most importantly, im super easy to work with, seriously, I know to not stand in bad stuff :), I can learn quickly! And i know my hunter very well :)

Feels like im a dog looking for an owner.
If you're interested in a faction change, Necropolis is looking for dps.
When are you available to raid? My guild just transferred here, looking to fill a few slots.
Depends on the time mostly. I don't have a tight schedule. I would be able to raid any day of the week if the time is right, (Not too awfully late, not too early)
get with me in game tot raiding guild 25 man 8pm-11pm server tue/thur/fri
We raid Saturday's from 9-12:30am. Check my other post for more info.

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