Lf guild that raids sun/mon/tues

Hey, I am looking for a guild that raids sun/mon/tues, as these are my current days off.

Ive been playing for about 4 years in total, quit for a year and recently created a new account and started playing again. Warlock has always been my main. I am 491 Ilvl. I raided Heroic mode content in both wotlk and cataclysm. Im looking for a fun laid back guild that also kills bosses and takes loot. If your guild fits this description, please send me a message!
Hi there Datcrypt,

<Mental> Is currently recruiting for raiding. We are a new guild putting together a new team if you are interested.

Link to recruitment thread

< Shepherds We Shall Be >

Newer guild recruiting for core raid group. I am the GM and i personally have 4/12 NM ToT xp

but am looking to start a new guild if you want to help us fill our 10 man roster..

Current raid time range is somewhere in to following area.. to be hammered out more a little


(all in server time)
Sun 11pm to 5am
Mon 11pm to 5am
Tue 11pm to 5am
Wed 11pm to 5am
Thu 11pm to 5am

Please refer to this thread for more detailed info


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