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Shattered Hand
Hey, was roaming around realmpop.com and came across this server, was just trying to get a basic feeling of the server from the current players.

How is this realm, obviously I'm a EST based player and this realm is EST based according to realmpop.

Note, I only PVP on this toon. May change if I see fit.
lots of cross faction action... if pvp is what you like then this server attacks that
alliance side is dead in every sense of the word. but the horde side is pretty active. with crz that's sort of invalid, but yeah. it feels very medium pop with a lot of activity, but not too much.

if you're looking for panda rares on your hunter, then shattered hand is a good place for you. any rares infact, like the hardened shell for the wpvp action.

you might want to make a level 1 and check everything out before and if you transfer though.
For sure, thanks for the info. I'll create a toon there and see how's the atmosphere and what not.

I also have my eye on Bleeding Hollow, but it seems it locks here and there and the Q time to log on would be an issue.

Nonetheless, thanks.

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