[H] Hard Knocks [6/12] 25 Man Raiding

Hard Knocks is a newer guild, recently formed on Mal'Ganis by experienced raiders. We are currently running a 25 man run on Tues/Wed/Thur nights, 8:00PM-12:00AM S/CT.

Currently Recruiting

Exceptional Players of any class/role

How to Join?

We're going to want to check your recent logs, to see what you can do. We're going to ask you questions, about the current tier, to see how much you know. Please make sure to log out in your fully enchanted, gemmed, and reforged raiding gear so that we can see how much work you've put into your raiding character.

If you're interested in raiding with us, please speak with Goon, Trixìe or myself via Battletag @ Goon#2768 or Unkn0wn#1190. Make sure to have Mumble available so that we can proceed to a voice interview.

What's Expected of Me?

We ask that you bring knowledge and skill and a positive attitude with you when you show up to raid. You are expected to provide your own consumables (4 flasks, and 40 dps pots or 20 mana pots or 20 armor/health pots) each raid night; food is generally provided.

Our 25 man is just like any other competitive raiding group (and we fully intend to compete once we're established). Your DPS, Healing, and raid awareness will be constantly evaluated. Your spot on the team will be earned. When we're working on heroic modes, there will be no room to carry anyone, so we expect you to come in and provide a strong performance each night we raid.

Why Choose Hard Knocks?

Right now, the guild is still forming. Hard Knocks is developing it's cultural identity and it's core, and that means you have a chance to come in, be awesome, and endear yourself to the main group. Six months or a year from now, you'll have been in guild "forever," and that's something that's difficult to do once you enter an older group with established cliques.

While I am not the raid leader or GM for this group, I do have a lot of faith in what I've seen so far: smart people who are dedicated to making sure this group succeeds in the long-term. If you really want to share ideas or strategies, you'll find that your voice is generally welcomed; perhaps not mid-pull, or even mid-raid--especially if it slows us down too much--but you'll be respected and valued.
Hmm that sounds fun! hope it works out ^^
Thanks Reckoner! I think it will be a lot of fun. *hugs*
We cleared 3/12 tonight, with solid attempts on Tortos. Two days left in raid, and we're doing awesome for our first week.

Still looking for one druid healer and one tank!
If faeylin is not online. You can message shaolingoon. Or hit me on bt at goon#2768. I'm usually always on.
If we find the right tank, you can start tonight on Tortos! ^^
Still looking for one tank and a few dps to fill immediate openings. Please get in touch if you're interested!
We had a fairly solid night yesterday. We spent a lot of time working on Tortos, applying what we've learned on 10 man to the 25 man setting. Ultimately, in the last 45m of raid, we determined that healing was our big issue, and so we swapped out a few of our healers for stronger replacements, and we got Tortos down on our last pull of the night.

As the raid group's gear increases, this fight will only become easier and easier for us. So keep getting those VP and LFR upgrades guys, and we'll see you tonight for Magaera and Ji-kun!


Hard Knocks is currently recruiting 1 Plate Tank (Paly, Warrior or DK) and 2 Healers (Resto Druid and Resto Shaman). If that's you, and you're as serious about raiding as we are, please contact one of our officers via battletag: Goon#2768, Unkn0wn#1190, or Faeylin#1905
Have you played Mario kart??? if you've played mario kart, you're good to go!
I have played Mario Cart! Luckily as a kitty, I don't get stuck kicking those silly turtles. Instead I get to pounce on yummy bats. Nom nom meter padding nom nom. : )
We're very, very close on Magaera. We'll have to adjust our strategy next week, but we had multtiple sub-50% wipes on the seventh head.
Got Ji-kun down!

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