Hello awesome people of Ravenholdt!


I decided to come over to this server, after coming back to the game, and make a toon. I made a blood elf hunter, but I intend to roleplay. I am new to roleplaying, and intend to roleplay as a ranger.

I am looking for a guild that deals with roleplaying, that will understand that I am new to roleplaying and also understand that sharing a computer with Windows on it does cause me to not be able to play 24/7.

I love the server so far, be on the look out for Telfryn and say hello!
I gave up searching for the post I was looking for but I found one that quotes it. Here:

Here's a rather recent post from Candela on Horde guilds. She would know more than I would about what guilds are up and running Horde side!

It really depends on what type of theme you are looking for, as far as Horde guilds.

Ashes of Eversong─ political/ambassador theme, horde/sin'dorei relations (all races welcome)

Hellscream's Eyes─Dark Horde-style, Garrosh fanatics

The Jeweled Blood─RP inspired by Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series

Nightgloom Hollow─Dark and spooky theme

Prophets of War─ Argent Crusdade style theme, right? Correct me if I'm mistaken guys!

Silver & Silence─ Sneaky thief/rogue stuff

Bloodfury Clan and Order of the Forsaken are open to orcs and undead only, respectively.

I think that's all of the currently active ones. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, speak up!

Since you're interested in PvP, I didn't mention the Outriders because they are like TE, in that we both have PvP restrictions. But check out some of those guilds and see what you think!
Thank you. I'll have to do a google search to see if any of them have a website once I'm able (on netbook and trying to keep it from overheating) but thank you again.
Oh, hi there! Welcome to Ravenholdt! We love new recruits around here.

Check out the RP Sanctum @ www.ravenholdt.us. Lots of great RPers frequent the site so it's a great way to get in touch with the community at large.

I look forward to seeing you in-game! :)
Elves...Elves... more ELVES.

Welcome to the server! :D

I don't know any Roleplaying guilds. Seems kinda rare...

But I figure I take the time to welcome you! :D

I saw this awesome video about elves...truely awesome.


/tips horns at pasty pale elves...
Please let us know how you're doing and if you've looked into any of the guilds ^_^ Welcome!

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