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I have been getting different ideas from tanks I know and other guides about how I should gem and reforge. Should I get rid of parry/dodge for things like hit and expertise or what?

Also, I know that trinket is trash. Can't get a better one because my RNG is bad.
Yes, you should be getting rid of Parry/Dodge, unless you're doing a boss with bunches of adds. Get your Hit and Expertise capped, then start stacking Mastery and Haste (I believe Theck's latest notes put Haste above Mastery, though Mastery/Dodge/Parry are all still useful).

For massive numbers, check:

For a more readable document:
The basic stat priority is hit to 7.5% > expertise to 15% > haste/mastery > parry/strength > dodge. Thus, you want to reforge away from dodge first, unless it's a dodge/hit or dodge/expertise item and you can reforge the accuracy without going under their caps. If no dodge, then reforge parry. Only reforge away from haste or mastery for hit or expertise to reach their caps.

For gemming:
Reds: Pure expertise, expertise/haste or expertise/mastery, or pure haste or pure mastery if you're already at 15% expertise.
Yellows and Prismatics: Expertise/haste or expertise/mastery if under 15%, or pure haste or pure mastery.
Blues: Haste/hit or mastery/hit, or haste/stamina or mastery/stamina if you're already at 7.5% hit. (Pure stamina should only be used if you really need the extra stamina, which is generally only heroic raiding progression or Lei Shi.)
Meta: Stamina + armor.

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