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Now with the topic at hand
Bloodmoon reborn
Lionheat stage 3 reborn

Now I'm trying to figure out which would be better for tanking for if the the axe that you can socket with legendary gem off the sha from Terrance of endless spring. I like bloodmoon for the mastery and haste can be reformed for hit or whatever. Currently I use the Starshatter and reformed the crit for hit to get the 7.50 hit cap. This is my dilemma the lionheart seems more for DK tanking because it allows me to have hit and expertise 2 decent stats instead of something like hit and crit 1 useful and 1 unused stat for tanking. If I take LH Stage 3 it opens more room to reforge since it gives like 3% hit and expertise.

Someone please help me figure this out I'm lost and need real info so thank you

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Forgot to add that I am making one today so it'd help extremely
Bloodmoon for the stats.

Or sell the weapon and just hold out for any of the lfr weapons, preferably the polearm.
You can also put a socket on the tot weapons
You can also put a socket on the tot weapons

You can put a socket into any 5.2 weapon, but it's not the 500 str socket. Just a prismatic socket for regular gems.

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