(H) HP is growing again...LFM Members

<HP> is seeking new, fun and active players to join the ranks. We're focused on leveling our fledgling guild and having a good time doing it.

We have experienced raiders as our leadership and would love to move into 10 man content as soon as we find the right combination of folks to move forward with.

We don't run logs. We don't scream, we just get the work done. If you're age 20+ and are looking for a new home. Look us up. Ask any member for an invite or message us here.

Thanks, and we look forward to fighting beside you!
Oh! AND we don't raid like it's a full time job. We like to do our raids (no more than 3 hours each max) and we understand that people have a real life as well. All we ask is a heads up as to what's going on.

There's a no drama policy here as well. We won't tolerate it and won't let it taint the reputation of the guild.

We're here to help our guildies (help, not carry) and to make all our play time more enjoyable.
We have a 7 slot guild bank, vent and a website coming soon.

Check us out!
Accepting all levels and classes. Please, be over the age of 20 (we are adults and tend to say some of the naughtiest things).

See ya soon!
To answer a question I've been asked a few times today...

Q: Do you have officer positions open?
A: Not at this time.

Reason being, we're a small guild yet. Once we get to be more established/have more members and need the hand in organizing things, we'll look for the right people to slide into those positions.
Officers show themselves thru their play, contributions and attitude.

Thanks for the inquiries folks! We look forward to playing with you!
Does your small group of guildies do any pvp?

Nothing hardcore. Just some BG's together and maybe some RBG's?
If we had enough that wanted to, I'm sure we could do that. Again, right now we're a very small guild.

I'm game to BG with a fun group!
Come join us for casual play and fun! No elitists or jerks...just good people who want their playtime to be productive and fun!
Come jion us to have a fun time
Still looking for folks to join us in our journey! Pst any member in game for invite or respond here.

We look forward to fighting with you! :)
Please keep your thread updated if you get some guildies that like to do BGs and RBG's.

I will be watching. :)

Here we go again folks!

The common question today is:

Q: "What are your raid days and times?"
A: Being that we're a new guild and trying to get folks in...we don't have any set at this point.
We want to get a group set up and take the consensus on what days they're available. We will work within the available days and times.

Thanks for the Q's folks...keep em coming and we look forward to chatting with ya soon!
Looking for more active players! As we've said before, we're not only looking for folks to raid, but we take any class, any level. All we ask is that you be over 20 years old.

On the officer issue, the GM is doing alot of work herself and could use a proven recruiting assistant. This would fall under the title of "junior officer".

Any and all parties please respond here or send me an in game mail. Thanks!
Still kicking and looking for active players! Respond here or at Medeyn#1103 for more info.
Really looking for active players...Don't let the small low level guild scare ya. We're looking to move up! No drama, no bs, just good fun!

Respond here or to a member in game.
Finding some good players! Just want some more...(yeah, we're greedy).

Come see us!
Going strong and moving up! Need more good players for good times!
Find any member in game for more info or respond here!

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