<A> Illicit 10Man -Stormrage- LF Dps

<Illicit> 10man Alliance Stormrage:

Is looking for a few raiders to fill its raid group. We aren't looking for perfection, we just want people who will try. Your gear can be fixed but we can't fix stupidity. This is to be noted: Please refrain from applying if you cannot make our raid times on a steady basis. We understand IRL happens, but we really would prefer to do content with a steady group and not have to pug your spot last minute.

Important Information:

Raid Times/Days:

Thursday - 8pm - 11pm EST
Friday - 8pm - 11pm EST


Our Loot is handled by roll while remembering not to hog gear that others may need

We want to keep the gear as evenly distributed as possible. Note: Illicit does not under any circumstances allow whining or complaining over Loot. Loot is handled so that we can gear the raid and not specific raiders. We are attempting to keep gear distribution as even as possible so the group itself can succeed.

Illicit prides itself on being able to down current content at a friendly and relaxed pace.
We do have intention of moving into Hard Modes, but it will come once the groups gear and comfort level warrants it. We push our raiders for success but we know and expect our raiders to know their limitations.

Illicit is currently 15/16N Last Tier and 1/12 in Current.

In Dragon Soul we finished 8/8H as a guild.

What are we looking for:

Shadow Priest




Note: Please be 495+ iLvl, or able to prove your salt.
Please also have initiative to gear yourself without the guild holding your hand on it. It is not hard to get gear through raid finder or old tier pugs.

What does Illicit do in the off time?:

Most of our guildies enjoy running old content for achievements and transmog and some also enjoy Pvp. Once we get enough people we may start a rated BG Team but for now its just casual Pvp on the side. We have vent and most of us enjoy hanging out and just shooting the breeze. Give us an idea of something to do and I am sure we could oblige!

If there was anything I missed or if you have any questions about our guild that weren't answered here, please feel free to add me to Real ID: Mel#1901 or message or any of our officers in game and we would be more than happy to answer them for you! Hope to hear from you soon!

In Game Officer List:

Provên - GM
Tonìlyn - Co GM
Punishment - Recruitment Officer
Mel - Recruitment Officer

-Mel, Recruitment Officer of Illicit.
I like pandas
Hey there, im looking for a home, me a resto druid and a warlock
i knows you have no healer needs, but i thought id put my feelers out there and if not maybe you could point me in a directions but there are 3 of us all RL friends. and we're all good players that adapt and learn quickly.
mcfreshmint#1230 btag for more info
added you and bumping thread
Hi i may be interested i have a 497 lock and am looking for a new home 16/16 and 2/12 exp current guild is just not cutting it looking to see content you can add my battle tag at Mrmarbles#1553 if you want to talk
Update on Recruitment

Need 1Heals Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Druid, MW Monk (Disc Priest pref)

Priest - Shadow - High
Druid - Balance - High
Warlock - any - Low
Warrior - Fury - Med
Death Knight - Frost/Unholy - Med
Rogue - any - Med
Hey if you're still recruiting I would be interested in possibly server/faction changing - I've been considering xferring to stormrage anyways for a while.

Warlock - Destro, 504 ilvl and 3/12 ToT and I've been looking for a Th/Fri raiding guild forever! Let me know if you still have a need for a good lock and I'll look into xferring - my battle tag is Crozier#1976

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