Aetherion trouble

Yesterday I started on the quest "call down the thunder" and I'm guessing i activated the orb prematurly and as it seems Aetherion is stuck and i can't activate the battle with it. Is there any way to reset the quest? Or is there anything i can do to get it to continue? I have been logging in and out from 7 pm central time and leaving the area and coming back till now but he remains where he is unless someone else comes up and activates it themselves but once they defeat it Aetherion resets to the point where the orb is zaping at it and it stays where it is when it respawns.
I am having the same trouble. Every once in a while he yells that he's a herald and he's coming to announce his master, but I can't touch him. He's just anchored to the orb, and it's taking forever. I've killed some extra tornado critters and done some fishing to wait... and he's just sitting up there.
Have you tried abandoning the quest and then picking it back up?
having same trouble abandoning the quest does not fix any solutions?

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