Shuriken Toss

OP, am i right?
Smells... like...

Troll bait.
no its great when a melee class doesnt have to be in melee range and can spam toss ( poison) at 30 yards while you try ti kite.

great job blizzard. by the way. Why is blizzard the worst spell in a mages spell book?
Why is blizzard the worst spell in a mages spell book?

I give up, why?
april fools ( 8 years later)
seeing the 8k toss 5 times in like 3-4 seconds and then seeing a 20k+ deadly throw is just sad.

hurts my soul, man.
hurts my soul, man.
It really is depressing... Not to mention the sounds file they put with it... Possible one of the most annoying noises in the game. It's depressing being in the base of a flag room and watching a rogue on the roof just spam throw you...
ST is completely broken. Just hope for a nerf
It'll get nerfed once rogue populations are back up.

Blizzard will destroy a classes designed weakness just to bolster numbers.
Lost an arena game yesterday when I was dead and my buddy was trying to finish off a rogue whos shuriken toss finished him off. They were in a mexican stand off situation then my buddy came out from behind the pillar and tried to cast an FB and the ninja stars took him out before he got the cast off. It did a nice amount of damage for a melee class at range...

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