Darkspear Chuckers Looking For New Members!

Hello one and all. The Darkspear Chuckers are looking for new and active members to join the roster. We're a guild focusing on PvP content such as RBG's, Arenas, even World PvP.

Though we will be a PvP focused guild, we are accepting PvE players as well looking to do raids and dungeons.

For ranks, they will be held off as of now till everything is in order and we see who can lead and entice fellow guild members. If you're looking for a place for rank and think you have leadership skills to be able to take charge of a group we will be watching.

Any and all are welcome to join. Even if you're new to the game, still leveling, even if you're not excperienced in PvP. We'll give you tips, help you gear, anything within reason.

We're looking for all roles in our RBG's team currently, if you're looking to get into the group, do not fret, we are looking to have more than one team. Arena teams within the guild are encouraged, even if it's just to cap.

Only requirement as of now is to stay active and have fun with the other members, we definitely are serious about PvP, but we want to have fun while doing it as well.

If you're interested, contact Arthen, Runemourn, Mathanthus, Shamalin, or Gormek for further info or a request to join.

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