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Just testing the waters here, having a browse.

Hi, I'm Zar. I've currently been on break for 2 weeks since the disband of the guild I was previously in (Prestige), and before that I was GM of Dragon Slayers for T13/14. I haven't done dailies on either toon for this patch, so that would be something to do if I found a nice home. I have been raiding sorta-casually on my druid and paladin and am currently 11/12N, though I know most things about the Heroic encounters.

What I'm looking for:
-an excellent guild (10 or 25, don't matter)
-3/4 raids per week
-a guild that starts after 6:30pm and finishes before or at 11:00pm (AEST)

What I can provide:
- ex-guild/raid leader awesomeness
- an awesome tank, a slightly-better-than-average DPS on my DK
- an awesome priest who can play both heal specs but will not play shadow

I also have a moustache. How awesome is that?

Look forward to hearing back from some awesome people.

We have a spot open raids are Thurs Sun Mon 8pm to 11pm EST (Sydney time) - More info can be found at our thread here


Our current progression is 6/12 ToT and 8/16 H - should be higher but had a few healing roster issues holding us back.

My battletag is Xavier#1677

Good luck with your search, I am sure with your fine mo you will easily get a spot :)
<Furiously> is a progression raiding guild that focuses on heroic raid content. We are an Australian / New Zealand Horde guild located on the Oceanic server of Gundrak.

We are looking for similar quality players who are dedicated to end game progression. This means putting in extra time outside of raids to learn mechanics, watch videos and enhance your skills.

Our goals are to clear heroic content before the next tier of content. We keep a fairly tight roster to keep sitting to min while maintaining enough to maintain quality raids, for this reason we require high attendance and high performance.

1x Plate Tank

Raid Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday. Sunday and Monday
Raid Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm AEST (GMT+10)
We reduce raid nights once progression is over.

Guild Progression
T13 Heroic: 8/8 heroic
T14 Heroic: 15/16 heroic
T15 Heroic 1/12 and 12/12 Normal

Loot Distribution Method:
Normal: /roll
Heroic: Loot Council by guild Officers

Our website, forums and application can be found here - http://www.furiousguild.com.au - Apply today! ;)

If you have any questions, comments or queries feel free to whisper Jaceo, Defnin or Kokoshne in game or on our forums.
Big Natural Crits, 12/12 ToT

Wed Thurs Mon 8-11


Contact Aljini#1399 for a chat
Zarr greatest raid leader ever!
Carpe Diem - 25man Raiding

12/12 ToT

Wednesday, Sunday, Monday - 8:30-Midnight (server)

Recruiting open to all exceptional Raiders - DPS DK or Disc Priest currently open


I moustache you some questions. Please tell us more about your moustache at: http://unicornpower.guildomatic.com
Zar greatest raid leader ever!


also mine. noone else can haz.

p.s. only 490 on your priest?? slacker!
Hi Xaar

Ruthless is a 10 man guild located on Frostmourne Alliance.

We are currently 2/13 HM ToT and seeking a Priest Heals.

For the right applicant we are more than happy to gear up, and yes this is for a core position.

Our raid times are Wed, Thurs and Mon from 7pm - 11pm ST.

Please add me aevelina#1307 to talk to me ingame


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