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Hey guys. Looking to transfer to this server, Horde. How is the pvp here? Looking to bring over a Rogue and Warrior and have a friend xferring a druid and priest. We'd be looking to either find a casual 10 man raiding guild with pvp on the side or xfer our guild and rebuild on this server. We're both a bit sick of the Bloodlust battle group. Looking to see what else is out there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
You will probably have an easier go at things transferring a toon or 2 and trying to fit into an existing guild. There are an over abundance of guilds recruiting...so that may be tough.

Other than that it depends on what type of PVP you are looking for. I don't do any really...so others could speak to that better than I.

Good luck!
Please contact me in game battletag jakeH#1578
bump to hear about the pvp action here. i've heard the pve is good.
Loathe is a new guild to this server also. We just transfered here last week and are looking for raiders to fill out ranks so we can progress through ToT. A lot of us do quite a bit of PvP on the side. Our raid times are 6pm to 9pm server time on friday and saturday. If you are interested let me know.

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