20k Point Club?

I don't always start threads, but when I do...

Who's in it?
I didn't know god played WoW.
Holy !@#$
Give me a few weeks. Just got back into it and need to work on last tier =)
Should have it by the end of April. I'll finish up Veteran Nanny when Children's Week starts, I'm slowly leveling my Ally toon for double agent, and I'm chipping away at another Horde toon which along with the Ally toon will get me five max level characters for those points.

I figure various heroic raid kills between now and the end of April will push me over the 20K mark.
I used to be cool, then I started slacking.

Good luck with the next 100 points, you can do it!
I stopped raiding and don't pvp hardcore!?!? how will I find 1.2k achievemnt points!?!??!
good god...
Once I finish up my T14 meta, finish up my pet battle bs, obtain the Khan title, get my Veteran Nanny achievement tomorrow, and then grind out a bunch of BG wins for Battlemaster, then I might be close. I'M RUNNING OUT OF ACHIEVEMENTS!!!
:> around 45 ppl in the US realms, counting LA, Brazil and Oceanic (which there are only 4 of us :P)

/ drool

very impressive.

I can't imagine what there is for you to do anymore. I suppose play alts.
I'd try for it if I had those Arena chieves done but I don't have any lol
I can attest that you don't actually need arena achievements to get to 20k points. If I was to finish tier 14 meta and a few ToT achievements, I would be at 20k. I only have a few arena achievements and they are rather easy for anyone to get.
hey guys whose up for the 2700 arena achievement..... NOT
BTW I was trying to get the seat of knowledge achievement for awhile, must've spent like idk days and days grinding out dig sites, finally just gave up. I was going crazy doing that saying to myself, "Ok maybe the next, Ok maybe the next one, Ok maybe.... gaaaaa"
I am jealous of everyones 20k. I have no idea how I will find 1k points, even with all of the random clean up I have to do (quests, etc).

And here I was proud of my 19k!
10 more points to 13k :(
hey guys whose up for the 2700 arena achievement..... NOT

it wasnt too hard :)

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