Foundation/First Attempt alt run

Hello, we are hosting an alt run on Fridays consisting mainly of Foundation members that have their mains in other guilds (like myself) on Garrosh, with a few first attempt members.

We run Fridays 8-11 Server (likely going a little past maybe to 12)

what we are looking for:
- a healer (Shammy/pally/monk/druid) with a dps OS (that can do good dps as well as healing)

Other than that we are full.

What we ask from you:
1) You preform well in both specs
2) you know fights
3) You don't prevent us from 2 healing fights (Yes you need to be able to 2 heal stressful fights)
4) Your ilvl is at least 500 (490 if you feel you are confident in your play style)

What we are doing:
We are moving into ToT, after a few hours we went 2/12 on our first night on alts, so next week we are going to try for 5/12 at least. We only raid one day so we need to make the most of our time and mess-ups on mechanics consistently will not be tolerated (to an extent, we know messing up can't be prevented 100%, just learn from your mistakes).

Add me to battle tag @ Grawpp#1412 if you are interested or have questions, thank you.
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