Fire mage vs Monks

Hi anyone give some advice how to fire mage a monk, cause I feeel like he absorb all stuns, dots ect.
monks are easy sauce as fire man

get a hot streak going

get some distance

frostjaw -> scorch -> pom + AT + deep -> pyro -> pyro -> pyro -> combustion (you can do another pyro then use it if you want) -> IB -> pyro -> then you DB off the combustion stun so he can't diffuse the dots straight away

you can either nova him and evo the dots if he diffuses them to you, or ice block them if you're low and feel like it anyway

of course, if you can make him use diffuse magic to block a nova -> pyro crit, then once he's in that deep its gg

if you can get the setup right you can do up to like 6 pyros in 7-8 globals

and a lot of people seem to forget how many instant pyros we can get if we do it right, so they might not even blow a major defensive until after 2 pyros

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