Changing Personas doesn't change immediately.

Website Bug Report
When I'm on the forums and I change which persona I'm using, I get a small bit of activity from the browser, then it stops. Now, in the background, the persona I'm using has changed, but it doesn't display the new one at the top of the page until I load a new page.

If I change during the creation of a post, it won't show the new personality until after I've submitted the post as the new personality.

This is on IE9 & 10 under Win 7 64 Bit.
I've been having this same problem but it started for me a few months ago. I didn't think anything of it because I could still change. I would click on the new character would get the busy sign, but if I clicked on the profile tab it would refresh and bring up the profile tab for the character I was trying to switch to.

BUT now I am not able to switch at all. Soooooo yah I guess i'm stuck with this undead avatar for who knows how long.

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