[BUG] Oondasta weekly quest flag not setting

Bug Report
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4/24 - Bug is still there :/ im locked out of oon.
Yup, bug is still bugged.
Please fix this Blizzard and i would be so happy thanks!!
Yeah, stuff like this really needs to be fixed, Blizzard.
Would be nice to know.
Please fix this. I have 6 level 90s, as does my husband. It's lame that you even NEED a macro or an addon to figure whether you've done these bosses for the week or not. That your loot tracking pseudo-quest flag is bugged is ridiculous.
Common Blizzard, i smoke alot of weed and i forget things alot, please fix this asap!!!

what was this for again?
Hoping for a resolution to this bug or an updated id for Oondasta.
My World Boss Status addon correctly shows if I killed Nalak, Galleon and Sha every week but Oondasta always shows as defeated once I kill Nalak so it's hard to tell if I killed him already on my main or my alt.
Hoping for a solution for this bug
Please fix.
WTB blue post
Deleted for misunderstanding of topic.
I'm experiencing this issue as well. I contacted a Game Master Wednesday after killing Nalak twice but not receiving loot or a roll option at all. ...
Along with this issue I'm also currently unable to receive my Key/Ritual Stone from the Rare-Elites of Isle of Thunder plus my Shado-Pan Assault reputation is bugged and I have not received any reputation for boss kills this week.

The account-specific issue you describe related to loot status not resetting in a new week is not the topic of this thread. This thread is concerned with the bugged quest flag that is supposed to indicate whether or not Oondasta was killed this week, but is uniformly broken for all accounts.
Please fix!
This is definitely a pain in the !@#, please fix!
please fix so it will show right
FIX it ASAP please..
I hate to do this but posting "please fix" or "bump" or "still broken" adds nothing to the discussion while increasing post count and thread length. Ultimately this means the thread is more prone to be locked, if posts made in it are no longer productive.
We are aware of this issue and have generated a fix that will be applied in an upcoming patch. I understand that this was a frustrating issue for some time and I thank you for all your reports and patience.

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