PVP Healing tips?

Firstly, I understand that low level BGs aren't balanced, but I'm having a hard time healing. I spam Holy Shock when it's on CD, then use Eternal Flame when I have 3 charges of Holy Power. But I feel like this isn't enough to keep someone healed since Holy Shock is such a long CD. If someone's focusing me, I have a hard time keeping myself alive without getting completely silenced.

Could someone give me some tips please?
Use cool-downs when you need to. Divine Favor, increasing casting speed and crit chance by 30%; Avenging Wrath, increasing healing done by 20%; Guardian of Ancient Kings, increasing single-target heals and giving them AoE capabilities.
Devotion Aura, preventing all silence and interrupts against all nearby teammates for 6 seconds (doesn't prevent CC, stuns, etc.). I like to macro this one,
/cast Devotion Aura
/yell Devotion Aura - FREE CAST
, so nearby teammates know that they can now use a hard-cast spell.

Divine Protection, reducing Magical (and, if glyphed, physical) damage taken.
Hand of Freedom, granting immunity to movement-reducing effects (when with Speed of Light, giving you incredibly fast and unrestricted movement).
Hand of Sacrifice, transferring 30% of the damage another player takes to you, in stead.

Holy Shock and Word of Glory/Eternal Flame are rarely enough, alone. When no one's targeting you, Divine Light and Flash of Light are very useful, especially if used on a Beacon of Light friendly, because that will grant an extra charge of Holy Power. Pop off Divine Favor -- your Divine Lights will now be cast in hardly a second and have a 30%+ chance of healing twice the amount.
Try and keep Holy Power pooled up for when you really need it.

Use Rebuke on an enemy caster, if it's convenient to do so, in order to make them helpless for several seconds.

If things are not looking good (say, you're fighting for a Silvershard Mine cart but the cart is about to be captured, it's a lost cause), run away and find a better place.

Use Turn Evil on enemy Warlock and Priest pets (Psyfiends, and that really annoying sleeper one).

Try and hide behind obstacles, but keep team mates in sight so that you're harder to target from enemy casters.

Concentrate your healing priority on teammates who are making the biggest dent in the enemy team.

Keybind spells, if you haven't. If your Flag carrier that you're protecting has become snared, it's much faster to press a button or two instead of selecting them, and then clicking on your Hand of Freedom.
I macro beacon to fol and DL and glyph beacon so I beacon swap and build holy power quickly. Honestly I spam fol more than I wish I had to but with burst the way it is, sometimes its all I have. I recently reforged to crit to deal with the burst. I used to love mastery BC it got me better heal numbers, but those crits have saved my fc so many times now that I think I like crit more...not sure yet.

Gem resilience always. Go for socket bonuses while maximizing resilience if you can. You heal better if you are alive :-)

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