I finally have my red fire.
I want black fire D<
I want black fire D<
Woot! I support this trend!
Oh bother, you are lacking in taste! Clearly a mix of red and yellow dotted with black would better reflect the post modern leanings of todays metro social and highly cultured warlock.

And in a courageous attempt to reconcile the polarizing and intractible differences between the "never nerf this quest cuz figjamI dun it i440 with no appendages or keyboard and PC turned off' and the 'zomg nerf this !@#$z im cant do it tried 3 times to lagged itz bugged my gearz solow noway its me" camps; I offer this subtle yet ingenious solution. A new optional quest is created called the 'daughter of all ebonlocke quests' and involves negotiation and dispute resolution rather that death and destruction, and awards LIME fire. Sort of like your cosmological constant option.
grats on lvl 3!

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