1 - 90 Help please !

So i was wondering how long it would take to get to 90 if i started at lvl 1 and had 2 pieces of hierlooms .....

I play 2 hours everyday and friday and saturday nights i play from like 8 to 3 in the morning

Please get back to me quickly thanks ! :)
With a mix of questing and dungeons, maybe some Call to Arms battlegrounds, and both the guild perk and keeping rested XP up as much as possible (always log out in a major city or inn), I'd say about a week-ish, shouldn't take more than two at most. You can jump quite a few levels in two 7-hour sessions, and the slowest part will probably be 85-90 since everything else has been nerfed so much.

Archaeology and Mining/Herbalism can add quite a lot of extra XP, but it's difficult to keep them leveled up when running a lot of dungeons, so they're better to do while focused on just questing.
I was able to knock out levels quickly with an addon call Wow-pro. You have to download it from their website and manually install it, but that is easy enough. It gives you tips and hints a long the way (especially in Panda land) that can shorten your time.

I will say that it took some time to get use to the mechanics of the addon, but once I got it down leveling was easier. Hope it helps.
It took me about 96 hours /played time to get to 90 without heirlooms. (Just guild perk bonus.)

So you can do the math there.
I must be doing it wrong, I'm at just over 100 hours and not yet 90. I think this final stretch is going to kill me - I have no idea how people are doing it faster, since I've been queuing/questing constantly pretty much.

Oh well, almost there.
they are using guides
With heirlooms, after 7 characters leveled to 90, I usually hit 90 right around the 4 days played mark, so right around 100 hours. I also try to hit different zones and quest hubs with each character, so that slows me down a bit.

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