Enhancement Shaman Looking For Raiding Guild

I am a new transfer from the Saurfang (and before that Frostmourne) realm, I am looking at getting back into raiding after my guild fell apart mid/late T14 due to recruitment issues on Saurfang.

I am from Eastern Australian and am looking for a guild that raids anywhere from 7:30pm up untill Midnight ST, any day of the week except Friday and Saturday. I am looking for a semi serious raiding guild that still has enough time to laugh about themselves when they !@#$ up.

25 or 10s doesnt bother me, I have played both, whilst I enjoy close knit 10 mans, 25 mans also appeal to me. I dont have a faction preference. I have played Horde for many many years but recently transferred to Alliance for my last guild.

If youre looking for an Enhance Shammy, I am a proven raider, I can probably dig up some logs albeit they will be from last tier, drop me a line either here or in game and we can have a chat about applying via a website/trialing etc etc/

Still looking. I transfered Horde cause apparently Alliance doesnt exist.
if 7-11 server time suits you Minigame needs a new enh shammy. chuck in an app at http://minigame.enjin.com if you're interested.

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