Thoughts on the new loot system/bonus rolls?

Honestly, I find it quite irritating that as soon as I down a boss in LFR I'm hoping to get something decent but all I get is a bag of 28 gold. I mean... usually I can't even tell if that one piece of loot drops because I'm automatically awarded by 28 gold even though I exceeded the dps charts. then it comes up with an option to use one of your mogu runes of fate that costed you 90 lesser charms that you farmed from dailies. once you use your bonus roll it pops up with "Gold" and it awards you ANOTHER 28 gold.

Given the fact that these mogu runes of fate cost 90 lesser charms that you have to farm yourself by doing all those crap and repetetive dailies... It's honestly a slap in the face by blizzard when you use one of your valuable (I get that it may not be valuable to SOME people... those who don't mind constant repetetive dailies) runes and you get awarded a shocking amount of 28 gold... I mean, COME ON! so far this new loot system that blizzard has come up with is causing more issues for me than it did with the old lfr loot system back in LFR DS when people were able to need on my items for offspec and/or needing a token that they don't even need for a friend or something.

This is because it causes alot of uncertianty. I mean, you can't even tell if something's dropped and someone else was awarded it because you did not exceed your limits or someone else needs it more or whatever. And it's a pain to see a complete noob say "omfg I just got (link item that you need)!!" or "ugh, I got this last week/I've already got this (link ANOTHER item you need)..."

I don't know what blizzard wanted out of this new loot system... did they want noobs to have a better advantage over gear than people who are more skilled/geared or did they intentionally want people to be satisfied with 28 gold rather than no loot? (ideally 28 gold is better than nothing... but it's the idea that blizzard wanted people to feel sort of pleased that they got 28 gold instead of a useful piece of loot. I mean, they could of made it more gold!!) but hopefully I'm not the only one who has an issue with this. Hopefully some of u guys can emphasize with me. I dunno, I just wanna hear some of your guys views on this too.
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