<Fervent> 25m Alliance LFM

Fervent is currently under recruitment for our core 25m raid team. We are an Australian guilld who raid @ 8:15pm-11pm AEST Fri/Sun nights.

We are atm 1/12 TOT.

We need the following

1x Healer (druid or shaman ONLY)
1x Elemental Shaman
2x Mages (any spec/s)
2x Druid (1 feral, 1 boomkin)
1x Death Knight (any spec)
1x Hunter (any spec)
1x Warrior (any spec)

If you can make these times and are a skilled player, reply to this thread.

Ventrilo is a requirment.

For more information please visit www.fervent-frostmourne.enjin.com

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