ToT weekly pug

HAKS will be hosting a tot weekly pug tuesday and wednesday. Invites go out at 915pm server time. Minimun ilvl 500. Fully gemmed and chanted. Have some exp. and if you dont watch some videos. Dont go in there blind. For more info leave a reply or wisper me or hugs in-game.

battletag is Bear#1286

10 or 25M?
I may be interested if you need a Spriest.
im sure 10 man because 25 man is too hard
yes it will be a 10 man, and yes 25 mans are to hard to forum and dont feel like raid leading a 25 man
im sure 10 man because 25 man is too hard

u wanna fight about it bro
still looking
ilvl 500 Arms Warrior Current Progress 4/12 Jin'rokh Durumu Primordius and dark animus
have a BM monk 12/12 xp

Please whisper me in game or get ahold of me via Battletag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)

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