Lets see who has the best K/D in the game

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THIS number:

03/31/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Nemainhavoc
Total Killing Blows 116,480is reflecting your PvE kills as well. That line does so for EVERYONE --> still does since the original time I mentioned it - not to berate you, but to help you understand your mistake. Your realm change probably can account for the low-ish total on that line. It is, however, still indeed totaling your PvE and PvP KB combined.Your actual PvP total is lost then, NOT that particular number.The "slices" of yours are likely since the transfer then. But they do NOT reflect the 10:1 you want them to.

If you count PvE in there then you would add 184,220 more. Thos are my PvE kills and I killing blowed everyone of them, cause it doesnt count creatures and stuff in world. If it makes you even happier you can minus "World Killing Blows 30,402 ". Doesn't change the ratio much but whatever. And you also forget the difference in "counting" a HK or KB back in the day when a HK took doing more then 24% of the damage to target. And how easy it was to get a KB, they weren't "stolen" and there was NO resil or mass heals of 100,000's. In fact if you were a healer or pali and had a HK or KB you were considered crap. Which is where half my PvP stats come from. My totals are right, like I said in my first post my deaths are probably the low stat. HKs and KBs in total came over with realm change, deaths I don't know.
If it makes you happy like I'm tryn to show boat or something, then you do the math just since realm change and we can just state the small chunck of PvP from cata till now and pretend I never PvPed since vanilla when everything was different nor realm changed and skewed my numbers to the point that yes they confuse people. I'm used to it. But if you want to know how I PvPed since vanilla AV is the fight to judge. I stayed away from WSG, not even exalted with them yet.
I stick by my KBs and especialy my HKs with are actual 24,000 short, I lost my world HKs with realm change off Dark Iron too. Now my numbers say I have 552.
Yall do not get this. stop counting honorable and pve kills. KILLING BLOWS ONLY. STOP POSTING YOUR K/D IF IT IS FALSE. And to whoever posted that lvl 20 with a 25.00 k/d or w/e. Yea, I beat that. 93.00
1,408 BG Killing blows.
93 Deaths.
115,008 KBs
29,136 deaths

3.94.... ehhh could be better!!
03/31/2013 06:15 PMPosted by Nemainhavoc
If you count PvE in there then you would add 184,220 more.

Listen numbnuts, for once... please.

The LINE you got that 116k number from adds PvE KB's into that total. It does so for EVERYONE IN WoW.
I cannot be more clear on this.

YOUR total battleground killing blows as listed below that (which is currently wrong for everyone): 20580

Your TOTAL killing blows for each battleground listed THERE from AV down to IoC: 20580 ...deja vu?
Your TOTAL killing blows for the remaining 4 battlegrounds: 7256

20580+7256= 27836 BG KB's. TOTAL. Only since your transfer, if you like. Completely irrelevant.

Total battleground deaths: 5900 ----> ALSO since your transfer, of you like.

27836/5900= 4.71 kb per death. THAT is a far cry from "around the same" as 10:1. And not even horrible...

But it IS ---> accurate. For the first time.
Dont even mention ur xfer...i said nothing about my 3...
04/01/2013 08:38 AMPosted by Jugaa
115,008 KBs

Wrong number, Jughead. Don't be that hunter... please. =)

Unless you people think I KB'd 18000 people in world PvP on this toon that somehow only has 2915 HK.
Warglaive u been 60 forever :) why not get aq gear?
I dint think anybody here took math in H.S
Wrong number, Jughead. Don't be that hunter... please. =)

My bad, thought we were looking at total KB...didn't read the whole thread :P
79161 KB (if we're counting world KBs)
and still 29136 deaths

2.71 Looks like I suck, good thing I don't play this game to be the most elite :)
Oh wait, didn't count arena deaths...ok done with this :) I'm happy not knowing :P
360k honorable kills, yet ur not an elite player?
360k honorable kills, yet ur not an elite player?

Nope, time does not equal skill. I spend 3/4 of my time playing in randoms, not in rated.
No1 is gona beat my priests 93.00 ratio.
Thus making me the greatest BG hero in thou world?
(of warcraft)
04/01/2013 09:34 AMPosted by Jwl
Warglaive u been 60 forever :) why not get aq gear?

I'm way too special for that crap. =D

I also haven't played this guy at all since like 2009 (or 2010), except for running alts thru lowbie dungeons. I could now anyway I suppose, but the bracket dried up and died more or less... I'm just fine being ordinary. =)
Cant be to special for twinking
Looks like this thread dies....with me having the best K/D in the game.

^ this is a BG hero thread. Do you know what a BG hero is?

BG hero (explanation for kids!) - somebody that plays for kill/death ratio

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