New paladin question

Another question: Do we get an AE heal? That was part of the EQ paladin's stock in trade. Such a spell would be nice.

I do like how WoW gives you a spell and it keeps growing with you, unlike idiotic EQ where you have to buy a new version every 5 levels because of their s****y design.

And here's an embarrassing question: How do I activate my glyphs? I bought two in the auction house, right clicked them, and now I can't find them.

Holy paladins get aoe heals. The level 90 talents have two options for aoe damage/healing spells as well as one single target damage/heal.

Back in classic, we had to buy skill ranks with money every couple levels as well as pay for all of our spells. Since paladins had more spells than other classes (five blessings, six seals, etc.), we paid more for our spells.

Glyphs are activated by pressing the N key (to open the talent interface), clicking on the glyph tab, and then selecting the one(s) you want to use by dragging them onto the circle.
Protection paladins also get a powerful passive AoE heal called Glyph of the Battle Healer.

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