League of Shadows now recruiting!

Aerie Peak
Hello all of AP! League of Shadows is a newly formed PVE guild on AP Alliance. We are looking to start raiding as soon as we get enough people! Most of us have just not got into raiding or just came back from a break. So we are going back and seeing the content we missed.We will be starting is MsV then HoF, then into ToES and then ToT.

This guild is manly focused on having a good time with friends while also clearing content. We don't only do current raids but we frequently return to older tiers to get transmog gear. We run lots of PVE content too like dailies, scenarios, and dungeons.

We are looking to raid 5:30-8:00 possibly Tuesdays and Thursdays.
You can respond here or contact me in game with a whisper or ingame mail message if im not online. We'd love to have you!

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