Would I be an idiot to roll an Alliance toon?

Area 52
On Area 52? I know the population is entirely out of whack, and it would make more sense to play Horde side on a Horde dominated server, but I have an intense itch to play a Human and all my heirlooms are on this server.

Would I be entirely screwed as far as earning gold through the AH (I usually just farm mats) and finding groups (I figure CRZ would help with that)?

I could always just play a Belf and pretend.
Ally aren't THAT bad here. There are more horrible places to go.
i wont sugar coat it.......YES YES YOU WOULD.........unless you like solitude and a total lack of any possible raid progression if you like solitude and you never plan to do actual raids with that toon then NO not stupid at all have fun......all alone........by yourself.....in an mmo
I did to sell stuff. Get Ally only items and sell them on the horde AH.
It shouldnt be too bad. Theres some level 25 guilds on alliance that should be semi active. As long as you have your horde friends on realid and youre in mumble or vent or whatever in there with em it shouldnt be too bad
Really, it could be worse. This isn't Mal'ganis, Illidan, Cho'gall, Chromaggus or numerous other realms where ally are less common. The reason the population seems small is because the horde population is HUGE. A52 Alliance even had a few raiding guilds last time I checked, which can't be said about some other realms.

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