Late night Raiding Guild lf RSham/Druid

We are currently full clear on old content including Terrace of the Endless Springs.
We are working on Horridon atm.

Our Raid Leader has experience with Lei Shin up to third phase.

We kind of started late and are looking for a good, experienced, and consistent Healer.
We prefer Shaman or Druid. Might accept a Monk but are full on everything else.

Pst Cirys or Simz in game if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Still need a healer for a core spot. Hit us up!
Have a druid, but could still use a shaman or a monk!

Raid times are 9 - 12+ server, tuesday, thursday, and sunday.
Bump bump bump yee yee yee
Still needing reliable healers.
If a Healer joins and outHeals the other 2 you get 5k on the spot.

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