Question about Turalyon

Hello everyone!

I'm a warrior from the Silvermoon server and I'm going to transfer to a new realm that goes on eastern time (for raiding in the future, next expansion most likely). I'm considering Turalyon because it seems like there are a fair amount of raiding guilds and Turalyon is awesome haha.

My question is, how active is this realm? Do PuGs happen often Alliance side? I'm just curious because whenever I log on the realm with a level 1 character, trade chat is usually silent. I checked out the realm Stormrage as well, but there's so many people on it that the auction house actually lags sometimes for me. I would want a realm that's not overcrowded, but not a barren wasteland either (Silvermoon had a good balance of that).

But anyways, would Turaylon be a good spot for me to transfer to in the future for raiding?

Thank you!

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