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I own a late 2011 15" Macbook pro with 2.4 Ghz i7, 8GB of RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 6770m 1024MB. I can barely top 50fps with everything on low while recommended settings tells me I could be running it at high. The computer also heats up pretty quickly with the fans running at max speed. I'm not really sure if low settings is the best my card can do but after reading around other players with the same computer get way better performance than I do.
What OS version? is it fully updated to 10.8.3?

what kind of surface do you play on when it gets really hot? Have you performed an SMC reset at all to resolve possible fps loss from the good ole 10.7-10.8 sleep bugs (that i believe should be mostly resolved in 10.8.3 now, at least for some models)
Yes it is fully updated to 10.8.3. Its always on a cooling pad which really does nothing to lower the heat issues and no I haven't tried to SMC reset.
Yeah you should be able to play with high settings (maybe lowering or disabling SSAO).

Are you using smcFanControl ( If not you should (and set FANs to highter speed).
I do use smcfancontrol, also have the game installed on bootcamp and it turns out that I get worse performance on windows than on mac osx.
Try doing the SMC reset first and see if that helps.
Did an SMC Reset and it's sad to say but performance is now worse than ever. Cannot make it past stable 30 fps with everything on low settings.
at this point i suggest downloading something like iStat and seeing if our temperatures are stable. it's not that old of a mac, but duds do happen. see if everything is at appropriate temperature. run hardware test that came with machine too that can also check for memory or other type problems.

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