This is not a qq post but WOW!

After looking at my parses past few weeks on single target boss fight i was good, On multi mob boss fights i was really low after going on wol and doing some general theory crafting and research i was floured at what i saw.

fights like Tortos,council,Horridon i was shocked to see that all the top ranking mages primary damaging spell was all nether tempest. i don't mind this at all its just that within the 7 years of playing a mage this is the first time ive ever seen a dot be the primary damage giver while raiding -_- i even downloaded tidy plates again im not complaining but this truly feels like im a warlock or a shadow priest
It's pretty crazy. On multi-target I'm seeing 30-35% Nether Tempest damage.

And thank you for reminding me to get Tidyplates. I keep forgetting until I'm tabbing through targets unsuccessfully.
I'll be setting up tidyplates today too actually, got any recommendations of settings or something I can import to save time? Thanks :)
This is not a qq post but WOW!


It's a WoW post
-_- no qq but the evidence speaks for itself lol
If you get tidyplates, makes sure you get threatplates too. It works for dps and adds a ton of configuration, although the default dps settings really work just fine. this is this week when i dotted

this is last week when i didnt -_- i rest my class all mages are hearby a dot class on multi target class untill game developers understand what a mage is meant to be please put this data into serious consideration im tired of my class changing virtually every patch its beyond crazy at this point
Perhaps, but would you prefer being dead last in dps, because if they nerf it - that's exactly where you will be without changes.

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