Ret/Holy Pally looking for a new home

Emerald Dream
Greetings all. Not sure if anyone recognizes me but it's Kikichan. I've been on ED since the BC days and can remember getting involved in PvP in those early days. I've been with just a handful of guilds in the past since some have moved on to other ventures such as PVE.

The reason I'm posting this is because I'm really looking for a guild. As you can probably see I still have the guild tag of an empty guild <Dreadwaste Defilers>. Before hand I was also with <Laughing Skull> and was proud to be a part of a good pvp guild at the time.

Throughout the months and months, things happened and the guild fell apart(as most of you all know). It has come time to look for a new guild. Some have mentioned a few guilds but am still unsure of where I may fit in.

I'm looking for a guild that is into heavy wpvp, arenas and rated bgs. However, one of the most important things that I have to stress is that I'm looking for a mature, friendly and social guild especially one with no racial slurs, crazy and insane cursing and rage from hell.

I've been in many rbg groups in vent(pugs via oQ) and have heard the worst and it's just not the environment for me. Also looking for a very active guild as well.

I have a holy and ret set and am willing to drop just about anything I'm doing to help a guildie or fellow hordie out when it comes to pvp or ganking.

Any help would be appreciated and I have done some searching but just haven't had any luck. :(

Thank you!


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