<Cryptic> 10m, Tu/Th 7-10 CST, Need All!

Emerald Dream
Welcome potential future guildie! Cryptic is an Alliance guild looking for new people become members of our raid team. We are making our way through HoF in normal right now and look forward to progressing in ToT in the future. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10 CST. Guildies are all treated like family and there are groups for dailies/heroics/raids daily to help you get geared efficiently.

Looking for: Boomkin/Shadow Priest/Plate DPS specifically, as well as off-tanks and healers that could potentially contribute.

At least a 480 ilvl without any pvp gear
Gear fully enchanted and gemmed
Knowledge/Experience of fights prior to raid
A Mature down to earth attitude
Ability to make raids on time
If you meet these simple requirements and are interested in joining our raid team please contact:
Name: Tocabowl
Battle Tag: Tocabowl #1408
Name: Dragønlady (alt+0248)
Battle Tag: Janice #1578
Name: Zephyriah
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