Chaos Bolt Evade/Health reset question

I notice that sometimes when casting Chaos Bolt, the spell hits (damage is applied, health is lost, a big pretty number pops up), and the mob aggros to me, but then immediately resets, goes back to full health and is no longer aggroed to me.

But I still lost my ember, and odds are, my succubus is on her merry way to go whip that mob in the face.

Anybody else experience this, or know what it is and how I can avoid it?
Negatory, it's flat surfaces, etc. The targets don't get the "EVADE" message, they just reset for a second. I guess it could be lag, but i've got a super low ping and no packets lost according to my router and modem.

Was wondering if this was a thing with Chaos Bolt.
Was wondering if this was a thing with Chaos Bolt.

Nope. Something with the terrain or mobs you're fighting.
Sorry in advance for the necro post. However, I did not that this happened on my warlock too recently in Stranglethorn Vale.. I wouldn't have been casting a chaos bolt, but I may have casted a soul fire.

It was bizarre, I was fighting a basilisk there and all of a sudden they faded as if phasing in/out and poof, it had reset back to its spawn point, full health no aggro. Like the original poster, this did not act as a typical evade bug, usually those "rubberband" back and blink out of existence. This just faded. And there are no phased areas around that part of the zone.

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