Legacy of the Masters: Parts 2 and 3

So as this was Part 1 and had us deal with the Demonologists of the Black Harvest, what do you think the future will hold for for the rest of the tale?

What I think would be cool to see:

Legacy of the Masters Pt. II: Of Chaos and Havoc

We follow in the footsteps of Ritssyn and Zinnin, the Warlock Masters of Destruction.

This quest will involve journeying into the Firelands and the Maelstrom. We find that they seek out even greater sources of Fel Flames, and you assist them on opening a portal to Xoroth. As you travel with them to Xoroth and confront a Demon Lord.

Reward: A new and unique Dreadsteed model.

Legacy of the Masters Pt. III: Of Corruption and Agony

We find what Shinful and Zelfrax have been up to with pursuing the remnants of the Twilights Hammer. Having rounded up many Twilight cultists as prisoners, they plan on having a mass sacrifice to both increase their own power and summon a powerful servent of the Old Gods to siphon its energy.

Reward: Demonic Flight Form, title: of the Black Harvest
Well if people keep crying like babies waiting to be breastfeed about how challenging is the green fire quest then maybe could think about making a part 2 and 3. But for now, with all the idiots spiting on their work, I wouldn't even put a single dollar in this project.
It would be interesting if you filled the vacant spot left by Kanrethad in the Council.

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