[10/14HM SoO] Late night 25m Healers!

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Are you guys still recruiting im ilvl 515 enhance main is 4/13H

Send me a battletag or real id request so we can talk.
In heavy need of Ranged DPS!

recruitment needs :

Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest

Core spots available immediately! Please contact Kisshot @ kil'jaeden for more information!

Real Id : oneil201@hotmail.com
Battle tag : oneil201#1398
still recruiting for late night heroic progression [11:45pm-3am pst (monday-thurs)].

While we are heavily in need of strong ranged dps, we're also looking for another tank! PST for more details, my contact info is above.
Bump :-) bump
^ New website is now up an running, if interested Please apply on the website! Info's on the main page!
Now 2/13H 25m!

Still openly recruiting for heroic 25m progression ! Visit our website for more details, and learn how to apply!


Kisshot @ Kil'jaeden.

real id : oneil201@hotmail.com
Battle Tag : oneil201#1398
Hi, are you still recruiting rdps? 521 ilvl warlock here LF a stable and good guild to raid in the late raid timings.
Still recruiting ^^
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