•ºAscendancyº• Recruting Raiders & Members

•ºAscendancyº• An Adult level 25 Raiding Guild (Alliance)

Ascendancy is accepting all active players that are looking for a friendly, mature environment to level or just chill out. Although many of us are Raiders we enjoy achieves, pet battling, dungeons, old school raids and much more. We always encourage members to put up calendar events for special things they wish to do.

We need to enhance our current 10 Man Raiding Team with dedicated, competent Raiders to press through new content.

Team Recruitment (Server time: PST time zone):


‡Weekend Team 10 Man‡

Saturday & Sunday 7-10 PM

Weekend Team is looking for: 2 RDPS: 1 Hunter & a Shadow Priest or Warlock


Guild Background:

 We have been in existence since 2008 (part on this server & part on another)
 Adult Guild
 Many members have been with us 2-4 years
 Experienced Raiding Background: 10 & 25 Man Teams
 In Cata we maxed content before nerf and went on to do all of it in heroic


 Currently we are 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF & 1/4 ToES
 Intentions for 5.2 are to progress though Throne of Thunder (ToT) on regular and move on to heroic

What we bring to the table:

 Adept Raid Leaders that explain rather than yell
 Raiding progression while maintaining a mature enjoyable atmosphere
 Reinvesting in our Guildy’s:
    o We help with making, gemming & enchanting gear
    o We supply potions, flasks & repairs
    o World of Logs: We log all Boss Encounters so that the teams can see where they are excelling and where they may fall short

 Achievement & Transmog Runs
 Old School Raids
 Pet Battling & Collecting Runs

Your Obligations:

 Communicating: Talk with your Raid Leads if you are unable to attend or tentative
 Respect for the other 9 members of your team: attending to calendar, being reliable, showing-up 15 min. early ready for group and on Vent
 Participate in gathering raiding mats to assist your team
 Being a self-motivator: Research your toons to become proficient and up-to-date
 Review World of Logs data to see where you are excelling and where you could improve
 Doing research on upcoming boss encounters

3 Tier Loot System:

Our guild is all about making our raiders strong by investing in your main spec.
 1 Main Spec Need Roll
 Unlimited Main Spec Greed Rolls
If it does not go to Main Spec, it moves onto Off Spec rolls
 Unlimited Off Spec Rolls

***See us for further details and questions

Real life is important and we try to be flexible, but equally players need to be fully committed to the teams. Sometimes being stand-by is a better placement if you can’t fully commit to a team and we are open to that as well.

For those of you that are looking for a new home to hang your hat, please find more about us at these links:

•ºAscendancyº• Armory Page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/cenarius/Ascendancy/
•ºAscendancyº• Website: http://bit.ly/VXXyJ7

If our guild sounds like it might be a good fit for your personality and play style, then please contact an Officer by whisper or an in-game mail to:

Bhikkhü (alt + 0252)

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