Lock Looking For Possible Xfer for Raiding.

Currently 497 ilvl, looking for a solid raiding guild worth Transferring for, My current guilds raid team just recently disbanded. I'm available anytime of the week from 5pm PST till 10/11pm PST. if there are any guilds recruiting let me know plz.
Wærlogå: Pwny Express (H) is a adult-managed, family-friendly level 25 casual raiding guild home to players of all play styles, interests and abilities.

We offer a relaxed and flexible schedule, open rosters (no exclusive positions to apply for) and several raid nights a week. If you can't make one night, show up for the next. It's all about the fun, not the pressure.

Raid Schedule:

Tues - 7-10pm - AND - 10-12am Pacific...........Attend one or both
Wed - 8-10pm - AND - 10-12am Pacific...........Attend one or both
Thus - 8-10pm Pacific....................................Alt and clean up (Optional event)
Sat - - 3-5 pm Pacific.....................................Alt and clean up (Optional event, old content, transmog, mounts, etc.)

To join our guild, you must make contact with one of our officers in game for an invite. Here’s how:

Type “/who Pwny Express” and hit enter. That will return a list of players who are online at that very moment. To chat with them type "/whisper (their character’s name)" and ask them for an officer to invite you to the guild. Don’t worry, there’s no hoops to jump through, no applications to fill out. If you’re not disruptive, you’re part of the family!

Have fun!

*** We also have three Meetup groups in Southern California: Orange County, Inland Empire and South Bay/Long Beach. If you're local and want to meet up once a month for dinner and fun conversation look up Warcraft on the Meetup website for your local area and sign up! *Guild membership not required* for the Meetup, though, we find meeting guildies face to face to be a lot of fun and great for the guild.

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