Intent Saying Goodbye!

Our Mighty Burger full of Cheez has declared that we are leaving!

Long have we been held back by a server that does not recognize our talents, but no more!
Therefore, we have enlisted the help of many mages to transport us to a parallel universe!
Once their circles have been drawn and the portal open, we will be on Moon Guard.

There we can finally let ourselves free, as we shout our battle cries when we charge the evil Zandalari and Mogu! Our mumble will forever be filled by the voices of our casters asking (or demanding) help from the elements. Our healers will finally pay the proper respect to the Light without fear of ridicule.

We welcome any fellow Korgathians that feel they have been oppressed and wish to come with us. The portal to this new world is open to all!

And do not worry! If you ever wish to join us at a later date, there will always be a warm bed for you at the Goldshire Inn. Just let them know you're from Korgath, and we'll get you set up with a lovely lady (or man) of Intent. ;)

And so farewell!
Good Riddance.
Dropping the raid sword for an RP pen? Moon Guard is an RP server.
:( Our RP talents are not loved here!
Should invite my 88 huntard there to guild :(
:( Our RP talents are not loved here!

Try eRPing. You'll pick it quickly in certain places in Silvermoon city if you are horde. Learned alot in Moan Guard.
Happy April Fools, thanks for actually responding. :P


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