T14 25man Content Fri/Sat 6PM to 11PM PST


All info related to this event can be found there.

If you're interested in going, get in contact with me or sign up on the OpenRaid page (preferably leaving a comment)

This run includes players from Swims in Lava's core and as such, I'm expecting anyone interested in coming to be of a similar calibre, we've been able to slowly improve the group's stability and player base over the past couple of weeks, and it has progressed to 7/16 HM (5/6 HM MV, 2/6 HM HoF (Both the Lords)).

Currently searching for more healers and DPS, as I said, more detailed information can be found via contacting me or looking on the linked page at the top.
Im in on my 505 spriest if needed. Can prob get 5-6 people from <Ordeal> if interested.
I'm down. I signed up on openraid.
@Ablutos, please link armories of said people and/or discuss with me in game as to the skill levels of people.

@Anyone else, provided we have the good people from previous weeks coming, that means there's probably 6-9 spots left to be filled by capable players attending every week.

Signing up does not automatically qualify you for a spot, being over 500 iLvl and reasonably experienced most assuredly helps over all the other retards though.

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