[A] Late Night Raids, 8:30pm-11pm PST

<Pseudonym> is a level 25, 10-man raiding guild on the Lightbringer server. We've been around for years (we transferred here from a dying server) and know how the strike the balance between taking the game seriously and keeping it casual enough so nobody loses their minds over this game we all love.

We're currently 8/16 and 1/12 and looking to continue into Throne of Thunder.

Raid times are 8:30pm - 11:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday.

Highest need is:
- Healer with dps offspec (non-priest)
- Melee dps with tank offspec (totally open)

Reply here or contact Hroda or Raltan in game (you can spot our alts by the names - we're horribly unimaginative when it comes to naming alts).
Updated with new raid times. Huge need for a solid, dependable healer.

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