[H] WTS Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Area 52
Hi there, finally finished farming up my 10th skyshard. After about the 7th sat and got to think, i really dislike windserpents compared to some of the mounts I have. So to keep the motivation going for last 3 shards I poked around and decided that im going to sell the tag and mount.

Havent set a price yet, and this late into xpack I dont see demand being as high as when xpack came out some im going to leave it up to offers and see how the demand is.

I did read another post from someone on this server who owns one and has sold multiple others. I will be upfront in saying that I do not own one myself, so when we meet up and I show you that I posses the [Sky Crystal] I will clarify everything in party chat, along with you being the loot master, that I have no intentions on taking the mount and pass. (Going into that that means if you report a gm can review the chatlogs and will take everything I got from the deal) Anyway enough satisfying the concerned and/or unsure.

Wowhead the following items if youre not sure how the mount is farmed/obtainable/activated/killed:
Sky Crystal
Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Post here or hit me up ingame. LtSoulbreakR#1404
still selling, two shards into second crystal
Sold. Two shards into second mount
Bump, have skycrystal for third mount sell. LtSoulbreakR#1404
Bump for 4th mount sell. Pst me ingame

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