3/12 current 6/16 heroic rebuilding 10-1 10m

Greetings and Salutations!

Our little raiding group took a 2 months vacation, and I'm looking for the last spot for the raid team. If you're a tank heals- shaman preferred but may take a paladin, and are interested in raiding at 10 pm 3 nights a week, then we're for you!

Currently the raid nights look like Tues/Fri/SUn or Monday- very laid back schedule, food flasks AND enchants/gems provided if you're with us for 2 weeks. You have a chance at loot so long as you pull your weight. We all contribute to the strat, though i have the final say, I expect you to know your class and we take downing stuff serious (no one likes wasting time) but at the same time we're mature yet very silly and just like to raid WoW and kill stuff.

Prefer you to have heroic experience and have a few bosses in ToT alredy, but can work with it, and please be at least 495, better 500 ilvl.

Mail Crazythorn in game if interested, I check my mail daily. Would love to have a healer ready because we've only raided about 10 total hours over these 3-4 weeks so far. 10 hours a week will do wonders.

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